Since one article wasn’t enough to talk about all the stupid stuff we've ever bought, here are 15 more girls on their stupidest purchases to date.

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“This is really embarrassing, but I was meeting my friends for lunch so I stopped by Chanel and bought a pair of gloves just so I could be seen with the Chanel bag. The gloves were my cheapest option.”
Karma, 28.

The dumbest thing I ever bought is probably a very expensive bright red designer coat that I bought on "sale" in July (because hey, in the winter it’ll be even more expensive and I’ll thank myself for buying it now.) Then when winter came around, I discovered it was too bright and also really tight since I had tried it on over summer clothes as opposed to thick winter sweaters. I saw it again last week when I was unpacking my winter wardrobe. I will probably never wear it, and the price tag is still intact as a reminder. It’s almost as much as my whole current salary and I honestly don't know what I was thinking.”
– Nadine, 25.

“I once went to the ATM to withdraw money and ended up buying a squirrel for $100. I named him Linq. He would run in circles while pooping which resulted in his poop being spread evenly around the walls.”
– Suzan, 25.

“My stupidest purchase has to be the Nokia 7280, the pen phone. It had no keypad and it broke after one month. My father still calls it my $1,400 mirror.”
– Lana, 25.

“I bought the Nintendo Wii when it first came out - it was like $800. I thought I would get really fit doing those dumb workouts on it. I used it exactly one time.”
Shireen, 26.

“I spent $200 on a fedora – yes, a hat. I wore it once.”
– Aya, 24.

“Dumbest thing I ever bought was a $300 pair of shoes that were two sizes too small hoping that they would expand [to fit my feet] like the salesperson convinced me they would. Wore them once and cried from the pain... They never expanded.”
– Nour, 26.

“RIP to every dollar I’ve ever spent on the App Store, including buying energy on the Kim Kardashian game…Yes, I am ashamed.”
– Yasmine, 24.

“Shoes, so many shoes. I like to see them lined up in my closet but I never wear them.”
– Dima, 24.

“I bought a treadmill for $860 thinking I’d save money on gym memberships in the long run. It turned into a clothes hanger in my room really fast.”
Lynn, 31.

“I ordered a bunch of clothes online once because we didn’t have the brands in Lebanon. None of the clothes looked good, the shoes were too tight, AND I had to pay almost double the amount for shipping.”
Maya, 28.

“A fancy label-maker. Completely useless.”
Nathalie, 33.

“I spent the sum of a three month’s salary on a Burberry coat that I never get to wear because it’s not cold enough in Lebanon. It was like $3,200 because the interior was lined with some kind of animal fur.”
– Racha, 34.

“About once a month I will get really motivated to eat healthy, so I’ll go and buy very expensive imported products like Greek yogurt, chia seeds, tons of fruit and supplements only to eat junk food the next day. The process probably wastes around $150 a month.”
– Raya, 23.

“I bought a 3D television for my bedroom. I ended up spending hundreds of dollars on 3D movies I didn’t want to watch to convince myself that the whole thing was worth it.” – Karine, 29.


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