Local Lebanese Instagrammer Karen Harb found herself at a crossroads when her boyfriend of two years failed to become jealous over her going out with her girlfriends. While she was accustomed to a relationship filled with stalking tendencies and a level of control that rivaled her own father’s, she now experiences a serene sense of trust and conviction that she finds troubling, to say the least.

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“I can just go out and he won’t text or call more than once…it’s like he doesn’t care that I could be out talking to other guys,” said the buxom blonde.

Harb, 29, had spent the first year and a half of her relationship sullen over the fact that her boyfriend seemed to be a stalker who constantly made grave grammatical errors while they were texting. “When I would tell him I’m going out with a girlfriend, he would follow me in his car to make sure where I was going – he then would text me things like “were r u?” shared the dead-eyed beauty.

Karen takes us back a couple of years when the relationship began: “He would call me three times and then call my friends to make sure I was with them,” she recalls with a smile. “We then would have a two or three hour argument when we saw each other, it was such a bonding experience,” added Harb.

Harb states that the phone calls and arguments slowly began diminishing after she admitted to boyfriend Tarek that she thinks he’s definitely the one for her, citing a definite correlation between both events.

When talking to their friends, there is one theme that is most prevalent: annoyance. According to their close mutual friend who chose to remain anonymous, the couple would routinely ruin group outings with their unstable fighting and their vehement refusal to reply to each others’ texts.

“Lately when I don’t answer my phone, I don’t even get a threatening message anymore. Where is the man-child I fell in love with?” she added, weeping.

Karen and Tarek’s future is uncertain for now, reminding men all over the world that if they want to keep their women, they have to step up their psychopath game.

Disclaimer for the un-funny: This was a satirical blog post.

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