BETA, or Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a non-profit, non-governmental group that strives to prevent animal cruelty. They provide rehabilitation and shelters for abused or abandoned animals with the ultimate aim of placing them in caring homes.

More recently BETA has taken on the difficult task of tackling animal overpopulation in Lebanon, and given that their dog shelter is full, they’ve launched a program whereby they help situate dogs abroad. That’s right, is a database of mostly grown dogs that have suffered permanent injuries and need a loving home.

Each dog has a cute passport profile that includes its gender, breed, date of birth and a history of its condition. Meet Igor:

Friendly with other dogs and people, but prefers a house with no kids.

We took Igor in after he was abandoned by his Lebanese family who had bought him not realizing that adorable little puppies grow into dogs with needs. He had an ear infection and was very depressed. Given medical attention and allowed to play, Igor has recovered and grown into a lively and friendly dog that is the perfect playmate and companion for his next human best friend.


White Shepherd


Monday, February 2, 2009

You can find numerous dogs of every size, breed, and color in Xpat Pets’ directory. Compassion will surely swell your hearts when you learn of their misery-ridden backgrounds.
Help these stranded dogs find a safe home today by donating to the BETA rehoming program.

If you wish to adopt a dog locally in Lebanon or internationally anywhere in the world, you’d be making a huge difference in the life of “a man’s best friend.” Don’t delay!


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