After exposing the Five Lebanese Fashion Trends that Need to End and undergoing an in-depth investigation of the Ten Fashion Fads Lebanese Girls Have Clearly Exhausted, we now venture into menswear.

Here’s our very own compilation of the seven men fashion trends that need to end immediately (and should have never existed in the first place).

Satin Suits

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I am forever amazed by the indecipherable logic behind having shiny fabric morphed into formal men’s attire. The dignity and poise of a classic suit are entirely consumed in the process. Congratulations, sir: you look like a neatly polished pressure cooker.

Anything That Sparkles

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You have no excuse whatsoever to incorporate bedazzled, sequined, glittered or any other variation of sparkly clothing into your everyday wardrobe unless you're a 12-year-old princess on Instagram.

The Necklace and Open Shirt Combo

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This common clothing practice, also known as ‘How to Grossly Emphasize Chest Hair 101’, has become a massive aesthetic burden on the shoulders of humanity. The world has had enough. Move on.

Sophisticated Belt Buckles

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The major issue with this fashion faux-pas is the way your entire persona is channeled to the center of your belly. It’s not a particularly compelling spectacle. Trust me on that.

Bermuda Shorts

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Please don’t wear these unless you’re a certified carbon copy of young Johnny Depp or the 90's version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Plunging V-Neck Tops

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My brain is unable to keep up with the revolutionary philosophy of deep V-necks. Man cleavage is not appealing. Ever. Donate these to your girlfriend immediately.

White-Stitched Jeans

(Image via thefablife)

Dark blue jeans with thick white stitching are void of both style and purpose and should be instantly kicked out of any aspiring fashionisto’s closet.

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