We asked Lebanese women about their experiences with cheating and found that most of them discovered their partner’s affairs on Facebook. So if you want to cheat on your significant other, make sure they don’t have a Facebook account, or be a good person and just don’t cheat, whatever.

“After a four-year relationship I found out he and my best friend were getting engaged and that both families were on board. I wasn’t even invited to the engagement!” - Karla, 29.

“My fiancé of two years was going on vacations with his girlfriend the whole time we were together, all as business trips. I found out when he got tagged in a picture on Facebook at what looked like a couples trip and he confessed.” – Anonymous, 33.

“I was always suspicious that my boyfriend would be very secretive with his phone and wouldn’t even let me look through his photos. His best friend eventually told me that he had three girlfriends at the time. We were together for two years.” – Aline, 25.

“I found out my BF of six years was cheating when I saw a Whatsapp message from someone saved as a guy’s name saying how fun last night had been when he was supposed to have been with his mom at the hospital. Anyway, it turns out he saved many girls' names under guy names and had been cheating for many years.” – Mira, 34.

“I guessed the passcode on his phone, which was 6969 by the way, and went through all his messages. He was constantly messaging another girl the whole time we were together.” – Paola, 28.

“My BF went for a semester abroad in France and I planned a huge trip to surprise him on his birthday. I got his address from one of our friends who was with him in university and when I arrived to surprise him, a girl opened the door. Apparently, she had been living there the whole time as his GF.” – Sara, 24.

“I found out when I got Chlamydia and confronted him! I told him the doctor could tell if he gave it to me or not and he just confessed to everything like a dumbass.” – Anonymous, 27.

“He had his new GF message me on Facebook saying that they had been together for a year and were planning on getting engaged.” – Anonymous, 24.

“My parents were out to dinner and saw him with another girl. First they thought it was his sister, but then he kissed her. So yeah, that was humiliating.” – Anonymous, 29.

“I made a fake Facebook account and messaged him from it. He immediately started asking me for naked pics and asking to meet up.” – Deena, 26.

“I was having a drink with my boyfriend of two years when two women walk into the bar. He then proceeds to introduce them as his wife and daughter.” – Anonymous, 25.


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