Many people know it as a traditional ingredient used in many Lebanese drinks and desserts, but a select few - myself included - consider each whiff or tint at the tip of our tongue a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Because that’s what it is. Be it the enticing aroma coming from nearly every dessert parlor in the country, or the scent that seems to follow you around all day after kissing cheeks with the old woman in your village, rosewater not only has many uses, but it’s basically engrained in our culture. Here are a few ways you can make the most of rosewater.

1. Toner

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Believe it or not, you most probably have at least one skin care product that contains rosewater. It’s actually a common ingredient in many facial toners and helps make your skin soft, shiny, and of course silky smooth. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Actually it does, because number 2 is always dripping with this sweet, sensational goodness…

2. Desserts

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Rosewater just so happens to be the ingredient that makes our taste buds go wild every time we take a bite, or two, or five, of rice pudding, maamoul, mouhalabieh, and just about every other sweet treat that makes Lebanon so difficult to leave.

3. Drinks

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Have you ever had lemonade in Beirut and noticed the after taste was just a tad bit too… “Lebanese.” Yep, that’s the rosewater begging for attention. Admit it, it tastes delicious!

4. Perfumes

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There are countless perfumes, body products, and candles taking advantage of this sweet scent. Rosewater smells just about as good as it tastes so don’t be too surprised when you get home after work to find your bedroom smelling like rosewater. Your wife most probably didn’t hide a Tupperware full of Maamoul under your pillow.

Those of you with a sweet tooth and basically anyone who’s been around Lebanese know just how great this stuff really is. What are some ways you like to use rosewater?

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