A few weeks ago to mark Labor Day, we brought you a guide to the worst jobs in Lebanon. Things may seem grim for a lot of us, but not everyone is wallowing in the sadness of low wages and crap work.

Heck, most of these aren't even considered real jobs...

The Guys at the Music Stand in Hamra
Sure, the salary probably isn’t that great but these guys get to legitimately sit around all day, blast music on the sidewalk and people watch with absolutely no shame whatsoever. That's what I call a 9-5 party.

Rich Kids

If you want to be really productive, you might start a fashion blog and land a show on LBC where you and your sisters can pretend that your lives are interesting and worthwhile. Or you can just sit at Zaitunay Bay and sip wine on your yacht, its up to you. Daddy’s laundered money isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, inshallah.

Classic Burger Employees
The wall on the restaurant claims they have the “happiest employees.” If its posted on the wall, who are we to argue?

Railway Employees
Have you ridden the train lately? Well, nobody has in decades but that hasn’t stopped a whole government department from existing and paying salaries out to its employees.


You get paid a lot of money to do nothing while getting your photo taken all the time and collecting bribe money from everybody to go on doing absolutely nothing. When you get tired of doing nothing, you pass on this honor to your children.

Expats With Student Loan Money
Your friends back home think you are either crazy or incredibly hipster for moving to Beirut. As for you, you just drink, smoke up and spend your days at cafes smugly believing that one day you won't have to pay back thousands up thousands of dollars in racked up student loan debt.

You just get to live out your days in an old decaying building, annually raising the rent to absurd levels with a constant stream of expats willing to pay whatever you ask. Oh, and you don’t even have to worry about maintenance until the building collapses.

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