N.B This post was originally published in March 2015.

And you thought the guys were bad...

After revealing just how crazy Lebanese boyfriends can be, we thought it was only fair to show the other side of crazy: Lebanese girlfriends. Some of these people are the worst. Just the worst. Promise me you'll never do these things, okay?

“My girlfriend told me she was pregnant to get my attention, and then when I arranged a doctor’s visit she told me she had a miscarriage. This happened twice before I realized she was psycho and ended things” – Anonymous, 32.

“My ex-girlfriend used to linger outside my house and hide in the car every single day to see what time I get home and then she would send me a goodnight message” – Ahmad, 28.

“My ex told me her grandfather died so that I would cancel my vacation to Italy because she was jealous” – Marc, 27.

“She tried to steal a bunch of my mom’s jewelry from our house then acted like she didn’t know how they got in her purse” – Emile, 25.

“My girlfriend of two months texted me while I was at dinner to tell me she had intense diarrhea and was taking a shit, I broke up with her shortly after” – Jad, 25.

“This girl I was with for a while told me that my best friend was stalking her and tried to rape her. When I confronted him he showed me all the texts she had been sending him begging him to sleep with her and be with her” – Bassem, 22.

“My ex-girlfriend called me every single day for a month threatening to commit suicide if I ever dated anyone else. I just stopped answering and she’s still alive” – Michel, 30.

“She would routinely get blackout drunk to the point of needing hospitalization and when I’d go to pick her up she’d swear that she hadn’t drank anything at all” – Anonymous, 26.

“My girlfriend would come to my office randomly just to check that I was there, and would ask my co-workers if I had been at my desk all day, it was really embarrassing” – Anonymous, 29.

“My girlfriend covered my car with eggs because I didn’t answer her calls once during a fight, we’re still together though!” – Mohammad, 24.

“She logged on to my Facebook account and deleted every single girl on there including my sisters and cousins” – Gaby, 27.

"When we first started dating my girlfriend would routinely call the office and ask if I was there, or she would make me call her from the office landline to prove it, we’re still together but she stopped all that” – Anonymous, 31.

“Followed me into a parking lot and keyed my new car. Luckily there were security cams all over” – Nadim, 29.


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