So you think you’re still young, huh? Well, you may or may not feel compelled to start getting regular facelifts after reading this.

1. Halle Berry wore Elie Saab to the Oscars 14 years ago

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Berry won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the romantic drama, “Monster’s Ball." The Elie Saab embroidered dress she wore to the event was voted by Cosmopolitan as one of the best Oscar dresses of all time.

2. The first season of Star Academy aired over a dozen years ago

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Egyptian contestant Mohammad Attieh was the first winner of the Arabic version of the French reality show.

3. Remember when Elissa wore bed sheets in her music video? Well that was 17 years ago

4. Actor and Presenter Wissam Hanna was crowned Mister Lebanon over a decade ago

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He also had long hair back then. We’ve come a long way.

5. The 2006 war happened TEN summers ago

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6. And how about the fact that March 14 will celebrate its 11th anniversary this year?

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Time flies, doesn’t it?

7. Does it freak you out that Instagram has been around for over half-a-decade?

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And the same goes for duckfaces.

8. Or the fact that #hashtags have been in use for a glorious NINE years now?

9. Remember when Placebo played a summer concert in Byblos? That was 12 years ago.

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Also, tickets were cheaper.

10. ‘Marte w Ana’ first aired 15 years ago

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The couple hasn't aged much since then.

11. Remember little Fadi from ‘Men Ahla Byout Ras Beirut’?

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This is what he looks like now…

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12. Remember the little girl from this show?

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She graduated from college a year ago.

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13. This aired 13 years ago

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14. And remember the rebellious girl from ‘Abdo w Abdo’?

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She’s come a long way since then…

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15. West Beirut was released 18 years ago

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Ziad Doueiri’s 1998 film also still boasts a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

16. Super Star ended eight years ago

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The show ended in 2008 after five seasons.

17. As for leading talk show Kalam Ennas, it’s been on air for roughly 20 years

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Mind = Blown.

18. And of course, our mighty nation has been President-less for two years and counting…

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Who will be next?

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