A Lebanese man gained international attention last week when he proposed to his girlfriend using a drone on a Beirut rooftop; instead of dying of embarrassment on the spot as she should have, the girlfriend accepted his outlandish proposal.

(Image via entertainmentwise.com)

Not to be outdone, the man's younger brother decided that male ego and female competition dictated he must outshine his brother’s giant gesture. And this meant he was left with only one choice: the waging of a war.

“I just started a small battle on the Lebanese border and had all the combatants write out the proposal using our enemies’ blood, it was such a special day,” shared the drone guy’s little brother.

Beirut.com has learned the young bride said "yes." The couple is due to be married on a giant crater located on the moon sometime next summer.

This news resulted in the angering of many women who felt their significant others had not been creative enough with their own proposals. A recently wed woman who wished to remain anonymous commented, “All I got was a ring in my dessert. Am I not war-worthy?”

This again proves that what Lebanese men lack in respect and appreciation for women, they make up for with creative proposal ideas.

One can only wonder how they’ll deliver their wedding invites; maybe they will have a SWAT team break into people’s homes and announce the good news.

Meantime, in a separate interview with Beirut.com, 9-year old Ashraf, a young boy from Afghanistan, wanted to wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness. “My entire family was killed by a drone strike last year, so I’m glad drones are now in the business of delivering good news,” said the young boy, adding, “If you ever need someone to be a ring-bearer or a butler or anything that would get me out of this godforsaken country, Ashraf is your man."

Disclaimer for the slow and un-funny: This was a satirical blog post.


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