Adel Karam has made a career out of being an ass, and in his latest attempt to entertain the gaggle of teenage boys who idolize him, he has turned his show, "Hayda Haki" into a platform for making fun of things that aren’t funny at all. This week, that platform involved ridiculing a hardworking 63-year old man who just sat for his official exams since life’s circumstances didn’t allow him to complete his degree earlier.

Karam was harshly criticized by people and bloggers, and promptly released a half-assed apology after the outcry.

Since Adel is so cool and chill and has probably had to say:”dude, it’s just a joke” a million times, we thought we’d take a jab at him. Here are ten times Adel looked like a total douche in one episode: OR: ten times Adel’s hands did all the talking.

If I dance, no one will know how empty I am inside.

Does this air-guitar cover up the sound of me crying myself to sleep?

No? How about this more intense air-guitar?

This is how I jerk off two of my bosses at a time.

…and then they finish on my face.

And I’m all like…guys, I can’t see…it’s in my eyes.

So I wipe it all off…

And start fisting...

And the bastards cum again!

Yep, I've still got it.

[Chill out Adel, it’s just a joke. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.]


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OMG! THIS POST MADE MY DAY! i literally cracked up like crazy ! thanks lama! im a big fan of yours! <3

Hiba Kteich on Jun 13, 2015 via web