Screenwriting masters class students meet one Saturday per month for an intense, all-day writing and workshopping session. This class is for someone who is looking to become a writer and engulf themselves in the lifestyle of writing in order to finish their projects. The class is very limited in space in order to provide personal attention to each student. Currently, students are writing feature-length films, TV series and short films. Often, students will also bring in other material to work on, such as synopses, treatments or grant-writing material.

Led by founder and screenwriter, Nadia Tabbara, this class will keep you creative no matter what.

Do I have to have a script already?
You do not have to have a finished script. However, sample pages need to be sent to for consideration. We are looking for students who are dedicated and committed to finishing their work with some prior knowledge in creative writing.

What do we do in class?
Writers bring in pages every month and we read and workshop them using a method of creative-centered feedback. Advanced concepts of screenwriting are covered in a mixture of lecture and exercises.

How long will it take?
Each student is different – however, a student writing a feature film should anticipate 6 months in order to achieve some major progress.

How many people are in the class?
FADE IN: do not accept more than five people in each class to ensure time and proper feedback for each writer.

$200 per month
Down-payment required upon applying.
Three months minimum commitment required. Sixth months recommended

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FADE IN: Screenwriting Masters Class


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