The month of Ramadan is upon us with an opportunity to reflect and repent, and of course, an opportunity to eat enough food to feed twelve armies.

Here are 19 people on their favorite thing about the month of Ramadan:

“I really like the family aspect of Ramadan, our whole family with the cousins, uncles, and aunts meet at our grandparent’s house for iftar. It’s a great way to spend quality time with all the generations” – Rima.

“Atayef jibneh are my life and my mom always makes them around Ramadan, I could eat 20!” – Nada.

“I love that the roads are empty during mealtimes so I can plan my outings more efficiently” – Rami.

“I really like the feeling of anticipating the food, planning out the meals and dessert and frappucino I’m going to have after sundown, it’s so fun” – Mariam.

“My favorite thing about Ramadan is that beaches are empty” – Naji.

“I love the buzzing feeling in the city, how everyone is on the same schedule and going through the same thing. Also the cafes and restaurants are themed for Ramadan foods and so7our, it’s a great feeling” – Nariman.

“The best part is feeling like my heart is clean and feeling very close to God” – Tarek.

“The gym is empty” – Nour.

“I love passing the time by binge watching series then eating a huge meal, it’s every couch potato’s dream!” – Hussein.

“S7our is without a doubt the best part of Ramadan. We get to stay out late and eat as much as we can before the sun rises! What’s better than an excuse to eat hot dogs at 3 am?” – Ali.

“Best part of Ramadan is the Eid vacation that follows” – Salim.

“Having my family around me and a big daily reminder of how much we take for granted, whether it is food or money or our health. Ramadan is a great way to feel blessed, and it reminds us what is really important in this life like family” – Dana.

“Chugging ice cold water right after sundown, it’s the best feeling in the world!” – Zein.

“Kellaj and atayef. Yum” – Ahmad.

“Where do I start? I can always get a reservation at any restaurant or club in Ramadan! And going to beach resorts and the fancier beaches is a much more tolerable experience because they’re not overcrowded” – Tania.

“The best part is that all the delivery places are free so they deliver my lunch extra fast” – Wael.

“Being with my grandparents and tasting all of my grandmother’s delicious meals, especially the rice with chicken!” – Maya.

“Best feeling is napping after work for hours and then waking up just in time for iftar, and losing weight is an added bonus” – Jad.

“All the pastries my mom makes for iftar, I wish it was Ramadan all year because she really steps up her cooking!” – Yasmina.

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