Grandmothers are a source of infinite love, affection, wisdom, and…sometimes racism. It can be great talking to people from a different generation and getting a feel as to what their best dating tips are, that’s why we had eleven people share their teta’s best dating advice:

“After my grandmother met my boyfriend she said he wasn’t good for me because he doesn’t stand up when I walk into a room, so I guess date someone who always stands up when you walk into rooms” – Sally, 26.

“My teta told me that the best way to get a man interested is to completely ignore him and not make eye contact” – Zahra, 28.

“My grandma taught me that men are stubborn and childish so it’s up to the woman to be sly enough to get what she wants. She would always say that you have to sweet talk a man and baby him into thinking he is wise and strong so you can get what you really want in a sneaky way” – Amanda, 22.

“She told me to marry someone who will be a good father and not just a good husband” – Sara, 25.

“Her advice was for me to get married young so she could have great-grandchildren, the ultimate guilt trip!” – Rou’a, 30.

“My teta told me not to date slutty girls because I should respect the woman I’m with and know that no other man has ‘been there.’ Her advice is a little outdated but it was funny” – Serge, 32.

“I remember my grandma hating my ex-fiance because he never tucked his shirt in, she called him sloppy and disrespectful. She was right but it wasn’t the shirt” – Anonymous, 30.

“My grandma’s advice was to date a tall man, not sure why…” – Aya, 28.

“Teta always said to meet a man in church that way I know he’s a God fearing, good person” – Maya, 32.

“To meet someone from our village because then I would know whether she’s a good person or not” – Mahmoud, 24.

“Her biggest piece of advice was to marry an engineer or a soldier, she would always pray that I get a soldier for a husband” – Rana, 34.

What are some love lessons your grandmother has taught you? Comment and share below!


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