A couple of summers ago, it felt like Paul Van Dyk was never going to leave Lebanon; homeboy PVD was in Beirut two or three times a year spinning tracks that were sure to confuse anyone over the age of 13.

But that is a far cry from today, when his newest album ‘The Politics of Dancing 3’ is facing a ban in many Arab countries, including Lebanon and Egypt, according to an AFP news report .

The German DJ, who is considered one of the founders of trance music, told reporters the album carries a message of peace, highlighting how music can transcend the political divide to unite people from around the world.

Ironically, the album that intended to unite is facing a ban because it features performances from Israeli performers, DJ Michael Tsukerman and the duo Las Salinas. It also features performances from Egyptian trance music duo Aly and Fila.

AFP reporters in Egypt and Lebanon confirmed that searches locally on iTunes for "The Politics of Dancing 3" turned up no results. The album, however, is accessible to iTunes users whose accounts are registered in Western countries. The album is available in Israel.

The award-winning DJ expressed his shock towards the ban since he has a huge fan bases in both Beirut and Cairo, and has stated that he will not be altering the album in anyway in order for it to be sold in the Arab world.

"It's almost surreal, and it's disappointing. I really thought we had progressed further than that already," said Van Dyk.

[Image via earmilk]


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