It looks like AUB’s cat slayer has struck again, this time brutally slaughtering three more kittens in a disgustingly graphic manner.

I spoke with several friends of the AUB Community who expressed utter disgust for this despicable and barbaric act. I heard them talk about it, and then watched them head off to chow down on various meat products, shaking their heads at the awful act of violence.

Yes, it is utterly disgusting; I couldn’t agree more with these concerned friends. But let me pose a question: Why do we freak out over three murdered kittens and nonchalantly support the ongoing murder of cows, chickens, sheep, and many other animals for our dietary enjoyment?

I have asked many friends this question, and the answer I get is always some variation of the same, “It’s different.”

But can somebody please explain to me how? Sure, you aren’t physically killing the helpless animal when you chow down on meat, but somebody is. There are slaughterhouses around the world tasering and slitting the throats of animals daily, just so we can chow down on their flesh.

Cats are pets, you say? Well that is just a societal construct, my friends.

As a Chinese couch-surfing host once told my friend in Europe, these ideas of pets and edible animals are absurd at best. He pointed out that in China, dogs are delicacies along with cats. The Chinese don’t discriminate against any species. Does this somehow make China barbaric? Perhaps in the Western mind it does, but why?

Slaughterhouses churn out millions of dead cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep and numerous other unfortunate souls around the clock. The air around these facilities reeks of blood and death; a shawarma sandwich shop does not. But make no mistake; violence and torture go into each bite of that mouthwatering wrap.

And I won’t even go into the environmental havoc that the meat industry wreaks upon the world.

My point is simple. If you eat meat, you’re a normal average human being. You’re not bad. You’re not evil. Everyone does it. But please, let us recognize the hypocrisy of freaking out over the senseless murder of innocent kittens when we have been gainfully supporting the inhumane slaughter of countless creatures our entire lives.

Does anyone want to join me and become a vegetarian? It’s fine. You can finish your shawarma and then decide.

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Right On (Y)

Imad Al-Fil on Jul 14, 2015 via web
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i guess the discrimination is based on the idea of killing for just killing ... i mean yes, cows, sheep, pigs get slaughtered every day to provide food for people BUT slaughter houses' methods of torturing the animals before killing them is not ok, keeping them in cages their entire life is not ok, wasting their meat even when millions of ppl are starving is not ok and killing animals like dogs and cats when you are not gonna even eat them and just for the sick twisted thrill of it is DEFINITELY NOT OK

Christine Maalouf on Jul 8, 2015 via web