Feel like brushing up on your dance moves but you don’t know where to start? We’re here to make your life a tiny bit easier.
Get your jazz hands moving and scroll through our compilation of Lebanese dance studios that offer classes in a wide range of genres, from ballet and contemporary to ballroom and street dance.

Caracalla Dance School

The renowned dance school and affiliate of the one and only Caracalla Dance Theater, Caracalla Dance School has built its reputation over the years as a beacon of excellence in dance training. The school distinguishes itself with its unique dance approach known as ‘Style Caracalla’ which has become the trademark of the institution. Available classes include folklore, jazz, classical ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, ilates, and even yoga - as well as occasional international workshops.

Studio Arabesque

Founded by classical ballet teacher Dolly Sfeir almost 32 years ago, Studio Arabesque in Jounieh is known to be one of the oldest dance academies in Lebanon, teaching various dance disciplines, from classical ballet to salsa and hip-hop.

Al Sarab Alternative Dance School

Located in the heart of Jbeil, Al-Sarab Alternative Dance School offers a unique interpretation of the art of dance. The school strives to form versatile dancers who can pull off any style of dance and perform well under different circumstances. In addition to these core classes, the school delivers quality training in ballroom, Oriental, classical ballet, hip-hop, gymnastics, and body sculpting.

Steps Performing Arts Studio

This Zouk-based studio is one of the few dance schools in the country to offer formal training in the Broadway genre in addition to more traditional dance forms like classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, salsa and hip hop.

Moves Dance Studio

Founded by former Caracalla Dance Theater soloist Rita El Hachem, this Byblos-based dance studio offers training in a variety of dance genres including classical ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, Oriental, and Latin. The school also has a set of fitness classes ranging from stretching and fitness to body yoga.

Tribe Dance Mission

Located in a fresh spot next to Sabis School in Adma, Tribe Dance Mission strives to allow dance students to express themselves and build confidence in their movement. Available classes include jazz, classical ballet , pre-ballet, lyrical, Oriental, folklore (dabkeh) and hip-hop as well as zumba and yoga.

Makriss Dance Ministry

Founded in 2009 by the renowned choreographer and former So You Think You Can Dance Arabia Judge Charles Makriss, Makriss Dance Ministry is the 1st Street Dance school in Lebanon. The school has built its reputation as a hub for aspiring street performers seeking to perfect their techniques and learn new tricks.

Ukranian Cultural Center (TRIUMFF Sports Club)

Through its TRIUMFF sports club, the Ukranian Cultural Center in Lebanon offers quality dance training in ballet and gymnastics. It is ideal for children who strive to pursue consistent and systematic dance training.
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