Lebanon’s main movie blog Let’s Talk About Movies has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and we’ve graciously jumped at the occasion to bring you a one-on-one with the man who started it all: Anis Tabet.

In his interview with Beirut.com, Tabet talks about blogging, the future and, of course, superheroes.

How would you trace the evolution of your blog?
It's been one hell of a ride yet it remains a work a progress in my opinion. A lot of people rely on my reviews before going to the movies and that's pretty awesome. We're a community now.

What inspires you to keep going after five years?
The readers. My love for movies. It's difficult not to continue.

Who are the people who have supported you the most through your journey?
My girlfriend Vanessa. She's the backbone of this project and she never stopped supporting me. The readers as well.

What is your most engaging movie review of all time?
I think it was my review of ‘50 Shades of Grey’. It got over 3000 views in less than a day. That's crazy.

Tell us more about your new web series ‘Movie Court’. How did the idea first come to being?
I was approached by the amazing people behind ‘Iron Heyoka’ a few months ago. Basically they were in the process of launching 3 web series, one of them being ‘Movie Court’, and they needed a movie reviewer to host it. They thought of me and reached out to me immediately and I couldn’t say no (how could I?).

How has the feedback been so far? Do you plan to expand on the project?
Feedback was incredible after the first episode was released. This gave us a boost and we're already working on new episodes. We’re hoping people would tune in every week.

If you had the power to morph into one of the world’s most famous directors, who would you choose?
Alfred Hitchcock. I always wanted to be on set with James Stewart and Grace Kelly. All I need is a time machine now.

Who is your all-time favorite superhero and why?
Batman. It's a childhood thing and of course the Christopher Nolan trilogy. It's difficult not to love him.

How do you manage to juggle between your profession as a medical representative and blogging?
It took me almost 5 minutes to think of an answer and it's still the same: I have no idea!

What is the most touching feedback you’ve ever received?
"You're a role model". That's a powerful thing to hear at 28.

What would be your golden piece of advice to aspiring bloggers?
Be consistent and enjoy every moment.

Any upcoming plans you can share with us?
I have so much going on right now that it's hard for me to really think about the future. Hopefully more movie-related projects.

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