Donald Trump has caused a media circus by announcing his candidacy for president. He says ridiculous things, he does ridiculous things, and he is a ridiculous thing. That's what makes me believe that the Don would make the perfect Lebanese politician - he already has so many of the needed qualities. Observe:

1. He's rich

We all know that a huge prerequisite to being involved in Lebanese politics is being rich as f-. And not only is Donald rich, he was also born rich. Really, really rich. That's why he's the ideal candidate for Lebanese politics - he's totally out of touch with the working class and he doesn't know that people don't routinely take their yachts out for a spin.

2. He's a victim-shaming misogynist

3. He's racist

4. He's ignorant as hell

5. He says absurd things, and gets away with it

6. He likes to fire everyone

Trump is late to the party, half of Lebanon is already unemployed.

7. He's has a hot, Lebanese-y wife

Melania has all the makings of a Lebanese trophy wife. She shops like it's her job and gets her nails done for a living.

We're waiting for you, Donald.

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