The best part of my day every single day, is when I come back from work. Not only because I hate my coworkers - but because my dog, Daisy, waits for me at the door every single day. Dogs are great for singles, couples, or families and there are so many dogs in Lebanon waiting to get adopted. Sadly many have been abandoned or abused by their owners and people on the street but you can change their lives and yours by adopting them and giving them a good home.

Below are 10 senior dogs you need to adopt right away.

1. Bruce is a mixed Pointer. He’s eight years old and is very calm and sweet.

2. Scuffy was rescued by the NBC crew from the South during the 2006 war. She has a lung problem so she gets tired quickly but she loves to cuddle.

3. Sally is a beautiful eight-year-old mixed breed who has been with BETA since she was two months old. She’s very shy but sweet. Look at those eyes.

4. Jules is ten years old, a mixed Loulou who is very calm. He’s not great around kids but would like to spend his last few years with a couple.

5. Viola is a mixed breed who was rescued in 2007 as a puppy. She’s great with kids as well as other dogs.

6. Lisa was born in 2006 and loves to play fetch. Adopt now!!

7. Sugar is a sweet mixed breed who was rescued in 2007 with her sister Spice.

8. Spice. Sugar’s sister! Just as sweet and loving. Adopt both sisters for cuteness overload.

9. Midas is a large Pointer. He’s not great with other dogs but is very friendly with people.

10. Ringo is an eight-year-old mixed Shepherd. He was rescued when he was only two weeks old and has been at the shelter since! He’s very shy but also very sweet. Adopt and let the cuddle marathons ensue.

BETA has so many dogs you can help, enrich your lives and theirs by adopting them! You won’t regret it.

For more information visit their website at or call (+961) 70-248765 between 10:30 and 15:00 from Monday to Friday.

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