Remember when you were in High School and all you could think about was making it to college where you would finally be free of curfews and homework? Now in University, flooded with laundry and indomie noodles, you pray for the day you graduate so you can start achieving your career goals. Post-grad, a free man, all you have to do is get a job…right?

With all the NGO vacancies filling up faster than an ashtray, it really makes you wonder why it's so difficult to find an acceptable job with a reasonable income in Lebanon.

Here are six reasons you can’t find a job in Lebanon:

1. The Need Experience to Have Experience paradox:

For some unknown reason, companies find it completely acceptable to ask for 3-5 years work experience even when applying to an entry level job. For a fresh graduate, that's nearly impossible.

2. The two month internship with a possibility of an opening afterwards:

In a sneaky attempt to get boring work done without the added cost, many companies implement unpaid internship programs where you're basically expected to show up for work hours, put in a ton of effort, and make a great impression so you could hopefully get hired full-time. In actuality, you'd be lucky to get a courtesy goodbye.

3. It’s not what you know but whom you know:

Ever wonder how the right hand executive at the firm ever got the job since he/she is obviously incompetent? It's probably because he's the partner's cousin's sister's nephew. Sad but true: this country runs on connections and association..even if you scored a 4.0 GPA in college.

4. Companies don't use their profit to hire more employees:

Again, in an attempt to maximize profit and reduce cost, companies refuse to hire added staff. Instead they double the workload on existing staff members and one person ends up doing the work intended for seven.

5. Political/ Religious Affiliation:

Unfortunately, Lebanon is divided into many political and religious sects - and that affects employment. Some people won't get hired just because of their religion (but you'll never know that).

6. The whole economic state of the country:

Lebanon doesn't produce much and rather mostly depends on other countries' exports, this translates into fewer jobs in Lebanon.

Watch for our article on tips for finding a job in Lebanon coming out tomorrow!


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