Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. We’re here to celebrate ornamental diversity!

1. The Child’s First Attempt at Christmas Ornaments

You always have a couple relatives/neighbors who use their children as a pretext for their borderline decorating abilities. “It was just the children having fun with our Christmas tree this year, you know, I didn’t want to interfere with their creative endeavor...”

2. The Leafless Wonder

Many people opt for a natural leafless tree instead of the standard mass-produced prototype. And while this type of tree can add a genuine vintage vibe to any type of interior, it does require superior decorating abilities to achieve the desired visual effect.

3. The Fully-Equipped Christmas Village

There’s always this one person you know who likes to drastically transform their residence into a mini Santa village during holidays. This entails setting up a minimum of three perfectly-adorned Christmas trees that are guaranteed to blow your mind as soon as you walk in for a visit. However, such grandiose ends normally require sky-rocketing levels of patience, perseverance and sophistication coupled with an undeniable flair for DIY

4. The ‘Too Many Lights to Hide the Flaws’ Paradigm

This type of Christmas tree is basically what happens when you just give up on your ornamental endeavor and decide to cover up the whole thing with holiday lights as a last resort. The lazy way to go about it.

5. The Office Masterpiece

The thing about this tree is that it has the potential to look amazing but usually comes out as plain awkward because everyone at the office feels the need to add their aesthetic input to it. Talk about collective effort.

6. The ‘Can’t Handle This Any Longer’ Visual Display

You are likely to come across at least one overloaded Christmas tree every year. This type of tree quite basically resembles a clueless girl who put on her entire wardrobe to attend a social gathering. There’s just so much going on to the point where it becomes visually frustrating.

7. The Environment-Friendly Innovation

On a parallel decorative track, we have innovative Christmas trees that are typically made out of everyday objects or recycled material (an emerging decorative trend inspired by the garbage crisis). Such ornamental experiments do not always work but they’d still gain points for creativity.

8. The Ever-Perfect Christmas Tree

Last but not least, there’s always someone you know who somehow manages to make the perfect Christmas tree every single year. You never understand how or why you like it but you just find yourself consistently drawn to its aesthetics Christmas after Christmas. It’s probably the magic of Christmas at work here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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