Because you’ll never be as fancy as you were in the 90s.

1. You couldn’t leave the house without your signature scent.

2. Makeup was totally your game.

3. You never wore the same earrings twice.

4. And let’s not forget about the heels.

5. All in all, bling was definitely your thing.

6. And when you weren’t wearing your crown, plastic headbands kept your hair in place.

7. All plastic everything.

8. But the real struggle was to actually get these out of your hair.

9. These spoke to you for some reason.

10. You needed a new pack every month.

11. Smartphones meant one thing.

12. Also, butterflies…

13. Let’s just say butterflies always found a way to land on your hair.

14. And you never missed a chance to glitter it up.

15. Or jewel it up for that matter.

16. Chunky rings were also a thing.

17. Temporary tats? Yes please.

18. Everything is temporary anyway...

19. Your Barbie doll had to have as many outfits as you do.

20. You were magnetically drawn to magnetic earrings…

21. And these neon beads were everything…

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hahah no way! I used them all

Tima Taan on Dec 29, 2015 via web