You know how they say that some people have “old souls” - well, some people have realllyyyy old souls. Here are five signs that you may secretly be a Middle Eastern teta trapped in a young person’s body.

1. You constantly insist that everyone bundles up when they go outside or ask “aren’t you cold?” every five minutes.

2. Lentil soup is your best friend. You insist on having a bowl before every meal in winter, letting your fellow diners know how it helps with the digestion process. You also urge your friends and family to eat every chance you get.

3. You try to set up your friends with sweet, nice boys you know from your social circle. You give them really indiscrete and embarrassing smiles and winks when they finally come face-to-face.

4. When you drop something on the floor you look around to see what else you can pick up while you are down there because your back is constantly killing you.

5. You refuse to get a manouche from the street foron. Instead you buy your own Zaatar, wash it and then take it to the mill to grind. You insist all your guests smell the Zaatar in order to truly appreciate why such effort is worth it.

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