What could be better than gathering friends and loved ones around a pot of molten, gooey, cheesy goodness?

For those unfamiliar with the fondue experience, it involves dipping bread cubes into a communal heated pot of melted cheese (or chocolate or meat) using long-stemmed forks.

While fondue may be easy to make at home with the right tools, it’s probably more fun to grab a group of friends and head to one of the spots on our list for a delicious fondue fix. Just make sure not to lose your fork in the pot or, according to tradition, you’ll have to pay for everyone’s dinner!

1. Le Raclot

Conveniently located in both Sahel Alma and Kleeyat, the Le Raclot restaurants are renowned for their fondue and raclette dishes that pair perfectly with their cozy settings and ambient lighting. Their fondue formula, which also includes appetizers, dessert, and open wine, is highly recommended. (As is the live entertainment on weekend evenings.)

2. Rare The Restaurant

Rare is an homage to both rare restaurants and rare meat, serving a variety of delicious, beautifully plated dishes in an authentic historic venue built in the 1800s. Amongst the numerous meat platters, the meat fondue has to be one of the most delicious, served generously with a variety of sauces, fries, and a side.

3. Pierre and Friends

Although it’s typically known as a summer destination, Pierre and Friends is just as charming in the wintertime. Grab a seat along the glass façade overlooking the sea or by the cozy chimney, and choose from the large variety of fondues they have to offer. Seafood fans will especially love the seafood fondue, which consists of white fish, salmon, and shrimps ready to dip in homemade soup.

4. Lola

Nestled amid pine trees and surrounded by stunning panoramic views, Lola is the place to go for an escape from the hustle bustle of Beirut. Though it’s a bit on the pricey side, the food is delicious and the location alone is well worth a visit. Snag a place by the fireplace and order one of their many fondues to fully enjoy Lola’s mountainous charm, but watch out - their fondue a la tomate piquante is bound to get your temperature rising.

5. Le Montagnou

A wooden cabin set in the mountains of Faraya overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Le Montagnou is perfect for having a spectacular meal with a date or group of friends after a long, chilly day on the slopes. Enjoy the scenic views, cozy atmosphere, and alpine experience all while dipping into their delicious Fondue Savoyarde and/or the equally delicious Fondue au Chocolat.

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