We’re all looking for love, aren’t we? Wait, isn’t that what we are all trying to do in our social lives - I mean on Tinder? Overcome the harsh realities of being single by taking advantage of social platforms, modern technology, mutual friends, mutual hobbies, slick introductions, first impressions, and “super likes” to find The One?

NOPE! These Lebanese guys have got it all wrong, even an Abu El Abed joke would attract women/men more quickly. Here are some funny things we’ve encountered on Tinder.

They say "prepare your anus."

The great opening line.

The guy with the strict height requirements.

They use three languages all at once.

They make enticing offers.


They welcome all girls but especially these.

They write lengthy bios.

They're open about their fetishes.

Maybe a bit too open...

And the Israeli…is Tinder aware that although Yinon may be in my region, legal restrictions frown upon him and his date meeting halfway?

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