Adloun’s heritage dates back to a rich prehistoric era exemplified both by the unkept houses and untouched caves of the town, and by the Phoenician ruins of Ma’rubbu city.

But Adloun’s legacy is not just archaeological, its coast is an important ecological site that provides habitat to many diverse species of animals (some of which are threatened with extinction) and plants. Unfortunately, this vibrant area is now in danger.

Despite continuous efforts to protect the coast and its seafront areas, the site is now in great danger of being completely eradicated in order to make room for the construction of a marina that will house luxury yachts. Such a “development” will destroy all the historical heritage of the beach and the remarkable environmental riches of that area. Possibly worst of all, people will lose yet another public space in Lebanon to make room for a more luxurious one.

While NGO’s and civil society components are working on preventing this horrendous plan from panning out, you can do your part to help out by signing this petition.


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