Last week, Lebanese Minister of Environment (lol) sent out a tweet stating that the appearance of mosquitos was due to the heat and not the ongoing garbage crisis, also urging the Lebanese people not to inhale or swallow mosquitos. His tweet, which has been deleted since, was met with heavy criticism and sarcasm.

The Minister then went on a complete blocking rampage - which filled us with glee. Here were some of the highlights:

1. When he blocked the one and only Lara Kay:

2. When he inspired this modern day love story:

3. When he inspired a drinking game:

4. When it got a bit weird:

5. HA:

6. When this got him blocked:

7. Blocking Inception:

8. This tweep who jumped the gun:

Don’t insult the Minister, yo:


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Thanks for featuring me... was wondering if we all report his account for harassment would twitter shut him down?

Ryan Hamze on Apr 16, 2016 via mobile web