Today’s fashion landscape puts constant pressure on women to be with the times while still being creative with their style. This can be really tough to do without compromising quality or breaking the bank.

Rush & Reez, a collective of two up-and-coming Lebanese designers, is bringing modest wear to the forefront of current trends, giving every woman a chance at finding that balance. Bold designs and innovative prints have put the brand on the way to filling a big gap in our fashion industry.

The need for tasteful designs for veiled women, conservative dressers, or simply fans of the less-skimpy, is gradually becoming realized by prominent fashion houses all over the world. Young women sometimes find it tough to find youthful outfits, including stand-out every day scarves, and ready-to-wear items that don’t shoot you into the 60+ category. Putting together styles that combine a modern fashion sense while sticking to tradition has therefore been Rush & Reez’s goal, especially since Riham and Rasha, sisters and co-designers for the brand, have been wearing a hijab for years now and found availability of suitable clothing to be a problem from a young age.

The young sisters did not choose to look at fashion as something superficial that doesn’t merit much attention. They realized that they can bring deeper meanings to their designs by subtly incorporating inventive prints, especially in their scarf collection, that both strike attention and bring something new to the table.

Although new to the local fashion scene, Rush & Reez has already nestled in to find its place. The brand won in the Design category of the Innovative Project Awards 2014, and were featured in Beirut Design Week, the region’s most recognized design festival.

The best part? Rush & Reez offers free delivery for all orders within Lebanon (you can even pay cash upon delivery), and also offers international shipping. Anyone interested can check out their website for more details, including the collection’s full display of delicate and daring silk scarves, a wide collection of day-to-day outfits, modern abayas, and elegant evening wear.

Worth checking out, not matter what your style! Be sure to also visit their pop up store during Beirut Design Week 2016 in KED Karantina from May 20th till June 3rd.

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