Renowned astro-physicist and patron saint of intelligence Myriam Klink has done it again - "it" of course being that she's managed to act like a complete moron.

No, wait. Even morons know better than to wear Nazi paraphernalia in 2016, right?

Here she is, in all her glory.

As a result of her dumb-fucked-ness, Myriam managed to get herself banned from Facebook for an entire month. That means one whole month of Myriam's friends and family finally catching a break from her dumb as shit status updates. I can't link any here since she's been banned, but trust me - they suck dick.

The saddest part is that there are really two possibilities in this scenario: the first being that Myriam is a hardcore Nazi - her singing does have a concentration-camp vibe to it after all. But the second possibility is that she doesn't even fucking know what a swastika is. That's right. Good ole Myriam may very well have grabbed this t-shirt somewhere and thought "HOW CUTE! FOUR LINES MEETING IN A DIAGONAL-Y WAY, ADORBS!"

Which of these scenarios is worse? Who knows, who cares?


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Swastika is NOT a nazi sign at all. We find it carved in human settlements older than 10000 years.... same thing applies for the star of david which is older than the presence of jews on earth!!!!!!!!!

Ara Minassian on Apr 25, 2016 via mobile web