You've prepped, you’ve practiced, you’ve slaved away. After months of dedication and hard work, the dreaded time has arrived: finals period. Are all your study sessions going to pay off? Well, here are some tips we hope will help you nail your tests and send you off to a happy holiday break.

Start early

So the finals are only 2 weeks away? Don’t panic, you still have time, just avoid keeping all of the studying till the night preceding your exam. This is absolutely a no-brainer, but getting an early start will help you learn the information as opposed to cramming it the night before.

Put your social life on hold

And by social, we mean your online as well as your offline activity! All the hilarious cat videos and the latest celebrity gossips won’t help you ace your tests.

Reward yourself with a treat

Give yourself a little incentive to finish a chapter: either by giving yourself a treat (a snack you may be craving) or by allowing yourself to take a timed break or nap.

Make it fun

Opt for group study sessions: if your friends practice by teaching you, you’ll be doing them a favor and mostly, you’ll be making up for all the times you skipped or slept through lectures.


Only 1 week left until the final and you still don’t know anything? Try different techniques: draw your courses in the form of maps or charts, try to memorize all the information like the lyrics of your favorite song. The most effective way is making notecards with the most important information on there, it makes it easier than studying an entire textbook.

Don’t procrastinate

Though it may be very tempting to catch up on the latest Games of Thrones episode, and maybe watch the previous seasons all over again, it can wait. Be a grown up and show some self-restraint.

Stay focused

Even if you don’t have a clue about what you’re actually studying, now is not the time to doubt your choices and change career paths.

Stay in shape

Find some time for exercise. And by all means, don’t go into an exam on an empty stomach. Replace the energy drinks with a fresh bottle of water and a satisfying high protein snack that will keep you full and energized.

DO NOT pull an all-nighter

Be sure to get all the rest you need, even if it means taking a power nap every now and then. An extra hour is sleep is more effective than being sleep-deprived on the day of the exam.

Congrats, you’ve survived your finals!

See you next semester.


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