Welcome to wonderland where the grass is greener and the air is fresher than any chosen destination in B-city #noshade. We still love you, Beirut.

It has been a great indulgence of mine to explore the country side with my closest friends and my pet dog who is usually the main judge of how awesome the place is. The more he jumps, the better the location is. We usually head out on Saturdays at 11 AM, grab brunch/coffee on the way, and have a wide selection of road trip music ready. The best advice we can give you is to park the car somewhere safe , hike and explore the territory on your own with the aid of Google Maps.

1. Bisri, Jezzine

Wonderful green trees cascading by the shallow river makes this 3 hour hike a delightful joy. Make sure to wear waterproof shoes and pack some sandwiches (you're going to be hungry by the end of it). Unfortunately, the reason the hike is necessary is to get as far away from human imprints as possible, yes there is trash around, but if you walk far enough you'll be able to enjoy a clean dip in the cool river and chill in a peaceful atmosphere.

Kratos Jumps: 6/10

2- Brummana

This spot in Brummana has been our favorite go-to destination that doesn’t include a tedious drive. The location is on a hill next to Co-Op Brummana, it’s filled with tall glorious trees and green richness. It is ideal for an evening barbecue or even an over-night camping slumber. Just imagine waking up and drinking coffee here, hell to the yes!

Kratos Jumps: 9/10

3- Chouf, Jahliye

This waterfall/pond/heaven discovery was the result  of some off-road driving and minor hiking, but IT WAS SO WORTH IT. It was clean, fresh, isolated, and so sweet. Get some inflatable water mattress to enjoy the full experience.

Kratos Jumps : 10/10

4-Ammiq, West Bekaa

This was our latest endeavor. It isn't exactly private property, but we were allowed to spend several hours on the seemingly infinite green grass. This is perfect for a afternoon picnic and refreshing stroll. Unfortunately there wasn't any river to cool down in.

Kratos Jump: 8/10

Remember keep it clean, people!

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Could u plz send me the location of Beirut green space

Sawsan Haj Hassan on Jun 27, 2016 via mobile web