Pretty much anywhere you are in the world, you will be able to find some good Levantine cuisine. This is largely thanks to the unbelievably high number of Lebanese people abroad, spreading their love and more importantly, their food. Here are five countries that seem to be in love with Lebanese food.

1. Ecuador

Lebanese people have been migrating to the South American country of Ecuador since the late 1880s. Quito, a tiny city in Ecuador, is crazy about Lebanese fast food. In a small area known as the ‘Business District,’ there are five shawarma restaurants within walking distance from one another, all competing to be the local favorite. One of the most popular restaurants is called Baalbek Comida Libanesa and it serves kafta, tabbouli, hummus, and more - all alongside a belly dancer performing.

2. Canada

In Canada you will find man’oushi spots all over the place, and people usually have them for lunch and dinner as opposed to breakfast. A plain zaat’ar manoushi with all the fixings can go for as much as $4. But it is a price most Canadians are happy to pay to have an authentic taste of Lubnan. A famous franchise is the “Holy Falafel” serving up shawarma, hummus, falafel, and more.

3. Brazil

With the largest number of Lebanese migrants, it’s no wonder that Brazilians have grown especially fond of Lebanese cuisine. The Brazilian esfiha is a version of the delicious pastry originating from Baalbek (the sfiha) and is one of the most popular snacks you can find on the streets.

4. Australia

While there are lots of cheap Lebanese fast food places in Melbourne and Sydney, the island also boasts a huge number of expensive gourmet Lebanese restaurants as well, like “Arabella restaurant”. Be prepared to shell out a hefty price for what some locals call “classy kababs.”

5. United States

This is kind of a no-brainer. Immigrants from the Levant have been flocking to New York since the late 1880s. Ronald Regan once said “all great change begins at the dinner table,” and the Lebanese in Manhattan completely hanged the culinary landscape with the introduction of hummus. New Yorkers have been obsessed with it ever since.

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