You don’t need a passport for this food tour!

1. American Fried Chicken and Waffle at Butcher’s BBQ Joint

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Nothing screams American like soul food, and Butcher’s BBQ Joint is THE place to have just that. We recommend their Fried Chicken and Waffle, a legendary dish and mouth-watering combination of sweet and salty only upped by the decadent real maple syrup topping.

2. Indian Butter Chicken at Jai Kitchen

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If you want to take your taste buds on an Indian/Asian adventure, there’s no better place than Jai in Hamra. One look at the menu and you’ll want to try everything (as you should), but if you’re going to have just one thing, make sure it’s the Butter Chicken, that dish is seriously addictive.

3. Turkish Beef Doner at KB Doner

If you’re a big fan of shawarma, the Turkish version is a must-try, and you don’t even have to go there to get your hands on one. Just pass by KB Doner on Bliss Street, and ask for the Beef Doner, it’s delicious, the portion is huge, and the yoghurt-herb sauce they use is something else.

4. Armenian Fishna Kebab at Onno

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Contrary to its name, this Armenian specialty at Onno’s has nothing to do with fish, and actually means ‘cherries’ in Armenian. Hands down one of their best dishes, the Fishna Kebab is an exquisite combination of kebabs, cherry coulis, and cashew nuts that will blow you away.

5. Chinese Stir Fried Wok at Umai Wok

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At first, you may be a little wary about the authenticity of Umai Wok’s wok meals, however once you’ve watched the Wok master do his magic, you’re sold. All you have to do is pick your base, toppings, sauce flavor, and free garnish and your meal will be cooked and assembled before your eyes. Don’t forget to wash it down with some of their Japanese beer!

6. Mexican Meat Quesadillas at El Mexicano

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While you’ll have to head to Faraya to take this trip to Mexico and back, trust me when I say it’s well worth the gas money. El Mexicano is a Mexican restaurant serving real Mexican food cooked by none other than an amazing Mexican chef named Fernando. While you’ll definitely want to try several of their dishes, do make sure you order the Meat Quesadillas.

7. French Steak Frites at Couqley

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There’s one place to go for French cuisine (that I personally vouch for) and that place is Couqley. From the name, to the décor, to the mouth-watering and beautifully composed dishes, Couqley just exudes Frenchiness. As for your meal, I have two words for you: Steak Frites.

8. Italian Risotto at Appetito Trattoria

We have no shortage of Italian restaurants in Beirut, however, if you’re looking for a true and authentic traditional Italian restaurant, Appetito Trattoria is just that. While you can find everything from antipasti, bruschetta, salads, pizza, pasta, and desserts be sure to try one of their Risottos, they’re outstanding.

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