Welcome! Were you persecuted in your country for being a pervert who preys on young girls? Well, welcome to paradise.

Welcome to the country where it's legal to marry a 17 year old, a 16 year old, a 15 year old. You can also rape them, you can impregnate them, you can steal their childhoods and come out on top.

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The law is a little shaky on the matter, while there is no common minimum age of marriage for girls and women, different religious communities have personal status laws that govern legal procedures. And please note that while the legal age is 15-years with the parent’s consent, there are many instances of 9 - 14 year olds getting married as well.

While it’s not prevalent in the city of Beirut, child marriage is still a major issue in Lebanon as a whole. Many families marry off their underage daughters with no consideration for their rights, using the excuse that marrying them will “keep them from getting into trouble”. This is also a major issue amongst Syrian refugees, where destitute families are marrying their daughters off in the hopes that a man will be able to provide for them financially.

The men that are marrying these young girls are just as abusive and backward-thinking as their families. What kind of man do you have to be to be sexually attracted to a 14-year old girl?

The UNICEF has dedicated millions of resources towards the protection of children and the prevention of marriage amongst minors, but still, backwards attitudes prevail around a country that is so starved for education and evolution.

While people her age are learning at school, playing with toys, and obsessing over the latest rages, she is expected to keep a home and tend to someone’s sexual needs; she’s expected to be a wife by duty, not by choice.

It's important to remember that this article won't change anything. We can't change attitudes, but we can create laws that make it very difficult for people to impose their criminal attitudes upon their young daughters.


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