Let’s be clear that I don’t mean ‘insane’ the way the cool kids use it. I mean it’s fucking certifiably insane, as in - shows a great lack of mental awareness.

If you thought Haifa couldn’t sing, you’re in for a surprise. Haifa is a fucking Pavarotti protégé compared to her sister. Is this a ploy to make Haifa's voice seem more palatable?

Did their mother drink arsenic while she was pregnant? What’s going on? Who can we blame for this family?

The whiney tune is titled ‘Ana Rola’ verifying that the singers name is, in fact, Rola. It features said singer (and believe me, singer is a stretch) swimming, bouncing, gyrating, showing off plenty of T&A, bondage bikini clad, and prancing around a villa being her skankalicious self.

But possibly most offensively, she’s seen with a baby bottle and a lollipop. As if her creep baby-prostitute like voice was not enough to make your skin crawl. We get it, you think men want to fuck little girls.

LOL Look how cute I am, sexualizing infancy lololol.

The video is so heinously offensive that it makes you forget how horrible the actual music is. But I mean, who knows...maybe if I had tits the size of my head I too would be receiving free cars, I suppose some mysteries will never be solved.

But one thing is for certain, I have lingerie that is way more covered up than this:

Thank you for setting the women’s movement back 6,000 years!

You can watch the full atrocity here:

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Wtf that was a song? I thought it was porn! Which accompanies a headache

Khaled Dakakni on Aug 3, 2016 via mobile web
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My eyes!!!! My ears!!!

Christine Imad on Aug 3, 2016 via web