One of Lebanon’s strongest suits is its nightlife, and those of you who frequent pubs have definitely come across different types of nocturnal beings lurking in Lebanon’s bar scene. From Hamra, to Mar Mkhayel, to Jbeil; here is a list of the different types of people you encounter during your drinking journey in Beirut.

1. The Single Gal(s)

Also known as the “Let’s take a selfie” group, these Instagram model types are usually single girls, looking for a good time and maybe some free drinks. They are usually found sitting at the bar or huddled on some table eyeing every person that walks in.

Warning: They might be a little loud.

May say things like: Shefte hay shoo lebseh?

2. The Lonely and/or Depressed

This person is often found sitting alone at the bar drowning in every sorrowful thing Feyrouz ever sang about while making Rahbani-esque statements about life. It’s usually a man in his twenties, glancing at the bartender in search of recognition. Though they usually are nice and approachable people, they might be too intense for a fun night out.

Warning: May find a problem for every solution.

3. The New Age Hippie

Never seated for too long, they are often found working the room, talking to different people, holding up many peace signs - with a beer in one hand, and a camping story in the other. Constantly talks about that three-day music festival they went to in Yahshoush and how living in Beirut is “overrated” because there’s nothing like being in nature, man.

Warning: May overuse the terms “vibes”, “energy” and “aura”.

4. The Non-Drinker

These people are usually found amongst a big group, getting secretly frustrated with their friends’ partying habits. Each one has a different reason for why they don’t drink; religion, health, designated driving, etc. These types usually favour having a shisha during sunset on Raouche over a loud night at a pub.

Warning: May spend hours emphasizing on how you don’t need alcohol to have fun.

5. The Old(er) Man

This guy’s probably been sitting there drinking since…the Civil War. Some old men are quite innocent, while others relentlessly hit on girls half their age. When not flirting with younger women, the creepy variety of old men are often found talking about Lebanon’s lost greatness and how “Lebnen ken a7la balad, into ma btetzakaro 3ammo”

Warning: May say things like: “Forever young” and give unwarranted life advice.

6. The Laptops

Usually obnoxious co-workers forced into happy hour together, their faces are often hidden behind brightly lit laptop screens. They are most likely to take their laptops with them wherever they go. When they take a break from their workload they are often found discussing Lebanese politics and how “ma fi sheghel, ma fi dawleh.”

Warning: They do not wish to socialise. The only reason they are at the bar is because they’re sick of their friends telling them to do something fun.

7. The Underage Crew

Usually a group of underage guys and girls telling the bouncers and bartenders a bogus story about how they are of legal drinking age but they left their IDs at home because “screw the system”. Often found wearing excessive amounts of make up and trying to pass off the single mustache hair as a sign of adulthood, these kids always end up buying a six pack of Almaza from the dekenneh next door and drinking it on the sidewalk.

Warning: May throw tantrums.

8. The Single Guys

Usually two or more men cruising the bar scene for chicks and shots. Often found getting chummy with the Single Gals (See #1 on the list) and buying random women drinks then getting pissed when said women won’t sleep with them because “Lebanese women are so uptight”. Bonafide mama’s boys, will undoubtedly mention their mother’s Mloukhiyye at some point.

Warning: If left unattended, will spend the rest of the night talking about video games and Pokemon Go.

9. The Creeper

This guy is usually found alone sitting at the bar with either an Almaza or a glass of Red Label in his hand. Often quiet, yet with a creepy gaze in his eyes; this guy will unapologetically and shamelessly ogle at every female near. He’ll spend his entire evening hitting on every woman at the bar and constantly getting rejected, until the bartender asks him to cool it. If you can't easily spot this guy, then you are this guy.

Warning: Do NOT make eye contact. I repeat, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!

10. The Regular

A social butterfly, this person knows everyone that walks into the pub (including the staff). Their drink is usually served upon arrival and without request. This person is always there to save you from the creeps, the loud girls, the old man, the underage kids, and the single guys; not just because they want to, but also because they’re just always there. Usually a very fun and approachable person. A true example of Lebanese hospitality, they are often found befriending foreigners and sharing tales of crazy nights they’ve had in Beirut. Unless you sit in there spot.

Warning: If you sit in their usual spot, they will stare at you until you leave so they can reclaim their drinking throne. May also argue with other regulars over the same spot.

Since it’s summertime, why not go on a scavenger hunt to spot all these types of people in the bars listed here.


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