If you've gotten bored with routine outings, what could be more fun than sitting with friends, playing board games, and having a drink or a snack?

Here are a few places you can play board games and have a different type of night out:

1. L’ Appartement

One of loveliest, coziest, and cutest resto-pubs where you can chill and relax (is chillax still a thing?). The crowd is awesome, the atmosphere is friendly, and the music is groovy. This place is guaranteed to become one of your favorite places to have a tranquil evening.

2. Games 42

This place was specifically made for board game geeks, and since it is always packed, they are currently in the process of moving to a larger space which will be announced soon.

You can click here for more updates.

3. Aleph B

A public library, art laboratory, and craft studio all in one, Aleph B welcomes you any time between 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM where you can enjoy a medley of creative activities, and play a whole bunch of board games!

4. Tribus

Located in Bekfaya, Tribus is a chilled out placed surrounded by nature, adorable dogs, and friendly people. It’s also filled with board games, fun, and booze!

5. Joon On The Moon

This place combines delicious snacks and fun activities, offering adult coloring nights, quiz nights, and board game nights throughout the week!

6. Oliver’s Kitchen & Coffee Shop

Delicious food and fast WiFi are not the only great things about Oliver’s, they also have an amazing library stocked with cool books you can buy and borrow, as well as an entire library of board games for you and your friends!

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