I love anything chocolate. I don’t discriminate with chocolate; white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, stuffed chocolate, whatever chocolate.

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Seriously, the important thing is the guarantee of chocolate and you can cure any chocolate craving with these decadent chocolate desserts in Lebanon:

1. Biscuit: A Chocolate Lover’s Dream!

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Anything and everything chocolate at Biscuit will satisfy your chocolate cravings. This patisserie and bakery specializes in viennoiserie, patisserie, and other delectable goodies. I guarantee anything you choose will taste awesome, but for me, it’s their chocolate desserts, including but not limited to: chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, chocolate croissant, chocolate fondant cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies…. the list goes on. Did I mention chocolate?

Main Street, Beit Mery, Metn

2. Au Bistrot De Michel: Moelleux Chocolat de Cedrik

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I need you to picture the most delicious, warm, moist cake oozing with dark chocolate. I promise you that cake does exist and it’s waiting for you at Au Bistrot De Michel. No regrets here!

Nasr Building, Al Zahar Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut

3. La Petite Table: Chocolate Bread Pudding

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Okay, so this chocolate bread pudding is life. I had it just the other week and I kid you not, I would have this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even as a snack in between meals.

The Chocolate Bread Pudding at La Petite Table is usually available as part of their brunch’s “morning dessert”.

Gardens, Beneath Naccache Bridge, Facing Spinney's Parking, Naccache, Metn

4. Chili’s: Molten Chocolate Cake

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The one thing you can definitely count on at Chili’s is their giant Molten Chocolate Cake. I know you just ate a huge rack of ribs, cheesy quesadillas, and an entire bowl of nachos and guac, but don’t skip this dessert.

Mouawad Plaza Building, Elias Sarkis Avenue, Ashrafieh, Beirut

5. Angelina Paris: Hot Chocolate

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This decadent hot chocolate from Angelina Paris, served with luscious whipped cream, is the ultimate chocolate cure. It seriously tastes like a melted chocolate bar.

Quartier Foch, Saad Zaghloul Street, Downtown, Beirut

6. Tonino: Kinder and Nutella Crepe

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Tonino has been serving up sweet and savory crepes way before street food became the new fad in Lebanon. If you want to indulge in something with substantial amounts of chocolate, order the Kinder and Nutella crepe from here (with extra Kinder!). You can go nuts and add some whipped cream, digestive biscuits, fruits and well, nuts. Tonino, you will always have a place in my heart (and stomach).

Bliss Street, Hamra, Beirut

7. Moulin D’or in Amioun: Chocolate and Cheese Saj

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I came across this place on our way to Bsharri. We stopped in Amioun for a quick breakfast (read about that adventure here) and noticed that they make chocolate saj and we thought: “Why not add some cheese to that?” and so we did, and this baby was created.

Amioun Main Road
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8. Frosty Palace: Chocolate Sundae

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This dreamy creamy chocolate ice cream sundae is perfect on a hot summer’s day, or any day for that matter. Go to Frosty Palace and indulge in sheer decadence. Go crazy and order the caramel banana sundae while you’re at it, but this is a chocolate craving article so let’s not go off-topic and keep it at chocolate (seriously though, you need to order this one too).

Pharaon Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut

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Don't forget Oso's Chocolate flourless cake....a giant brownie-like fudgy goodness!

April Armstrong on Sep 8, 2016 via mobile web