The ugly truth is that we spend 80% of our time working in order to survive and be able to do what we love in the remaining 20%.

Given all our hard work, we definitely deserve to take a break and have a relaxing Sunday. Here are a few ideas:

1. Get away, unplug, and enjoy.

If you’re willing to dish out some cash for your relaxing weekend, a getaway trip can be a great idea! If you gather a couple of friends and split the room cost, it won’t be that expensive and you’ll be able to enjoy a calm weekend. Check into one of the countless Bed and Breakfasts or a boutique hotel in the outskirts of Beirut and plan an itinerary that avoids the hustle and bustle. You can also plan free things to do!

You can check out this article for specific ideas and plans.

2. Chill in green spaces.

One of the best ways to disconnect and to recharge is for you to spend some time in open green spaces. Though they are limited in Lebanon, they do exist. You can head to Horsh Beirut, Lebanon’s largest park, and have a picnic, read a book, meditate, or just chill!

You can also check out these 4 Green Spaces In Lebanon You Need To Visit.

3. Spend a low-key day at the beach.

The trick to having a RELAXING beach experience is making sure it’s not a horribly expensive one. You can check out this list of The Best Cheap (And Free) Beaches In Lebanon.

Staying until sunset is always the best way to end your beach day, watching something breathtakingly beautiful with the people you love.

4. Hit up a Jazz bar.

Listen to some live tunes, enjoy a calm dinner, and try something new!

Here is a list of 5 Of Beirut’s Best Jazz Bars And Clubs.

5. Hit up a market.

There are always cool markets and events happening around the country! Souk El Tayeb is a crowd favorite; you can walk around and buy local produce and snack on delicious bites!

Here is a complete A Day-by-Day Guide to Beirut's Markets.

6. Netflix all day and all night

Sometimes, nothing sounds as exciting as watching your favorite shows all day long.

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