As if 2016 wasn’t apocalyptic enough already, Angelina Jolie decided to file for divorce from Brad Pitt Friday, spurring a universal Internet meltdown over the sudden dissolution of Hollywood’s greatest couple. Lebanese Twitter seemed enormously concerned too, with reactions ranging from somewhat troubled to shatteringly devastated.

The disappointment was real.


Well, maybe just a few more levels than needed.

Decade-defining revelations followed.

And age-old misconceptions began to unfold.

Mixed with the usual dash of end-of-world conspiracies.

And eventually, the night was not void of heartfelt political statements.

Some people were quick to jump to conclusions.

While others were trying to offer viable solutions.

Including our very own Adeela, who reportedly interrupted her world tour in an attempt to mediate some sort of reconciliation.

Meanwhile, someone seemed to be having their own little party.

Which suddenly evolved into a not-so-little party.

Until someone ultimately decided to confiscate all the snacks and call off the party for good.


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