Autumn is finally here. The crowds are gone, the weather is milder, and there’s enough food and activities to hold you over until winter - check some of these out.

1. Go swimming.

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Seriously. The summer was stifling hot, and waters are now milder and will stay tolerable until mid-October. The beaches will also be wayyyy less crowded.

2. Join in on the olive harvest.

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There are around 15 million olive trees in Lebanon, and they need to be picked. Head to an olive orchard (there are many in the South) for a day of picking, then go to an old-school press and get some virgin olive oil!

3. Sample different beers at the Colonel International Craft Beer Festival.

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Beer, music, and food - that’s all we need to say.

4. Join a weekend hike.

We were all complaining that it was too hot to hike during Summer, but now the jig is up. October is the perfect time to join one of the great hiking teams (like Promax or Lebanese Adventure) for their weekly hikes and trips.

5. Camp.

Here are 6 Amazing Camping Spots Around Lebanon - gather your friends and family and pitch a tent!

6. Or…glamp.

For those of you who find camping a little too intense, glamping (glamorous camping) is also an option. Check out La Reserve or Sharewood Camp where they also have cool rope activities.

7. Eat your heart out at the Beirut Restaurants Festival.

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Music, food trucks, lounges, and tons of food!

8. Do Yoga, for free!

Check out this cool event offering a free yoga class in Downtown Beirut.

9. Check out the Hamra Autumn Festival

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Shopping, food, drinks, music, and togetherness!

10. Visit a local vineyard.

The weather is cool on the verge of being cold, the vineyard is cozy, and the red wine is perfect.

11. Carve a pumpkin.

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Because it can be fun to revisit your childhood.

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