Happy hour: what’s not to love about it? The laid-back atmosphere, the cocktails, and the comfort food are the perfect combination of an after-work gathering. Here are some of our favorite places to have a drink with friends and colleagues and enjoy discounted prices on cocktails, and occasionally food too! Cheers!

1. Garcia’s - Dbayeh

This Mexican restaurant-pub, located in Blueberry Square, has everything you’d hope for in a happy hour: great music, delicious appetizers, and fancy cocktails! You won’t want to miss out especially because they offer 50% off on their drinks, as well as their yummy starters, most of which are paired with delicious guacamole.

2. Main Street - Hamra and Dbayeh

At Main Street, all the drinks and appetizers prices are slashed by half, so traffic can wait while you sip some of their fresh fruit cocktails and enjoy their mini burgers or shrimp tempura.

3. Pablo Escobar - The Backyard, Hazmieh & The Village, Dbayeh

This Mexican resto-pub is one of the few to feature a discount on their food menu as well as their drinks, from 5 - 8 PM daily, which means you can enjoy their delicious Jalapeños Fritos (breaded chicken with cream cheese) for a mere LBP 6,500!

4. Central Station - Mar Mikhael

Among the countless pubs lined up in Mar Mikhael, Central Station is definitely worth a visit. Its savvy mixologists and bar crew will offer you some of the best cocktails in town, which you can enjoy during the drinks and cocktails Happy Hour from 5 - 8 PM, while nibbling on their signature dynamite shrimps.

5. Pacifico - Monot

Famous for having the best margarita in town, Pacifico won’t disappoint you with its selection of refreshing cocktails, perfect after a long day at work. Grab as many as you’d like with their Happy Hour on drinks and cocktails from 6 - 8 PM, best enjoyed with their selection of quesadillas!

6. East Village - Badaro

Another great place to catch up with friends and colleagues after work is East Village, in the laid-back district of Badaro. Drink up from a selection of delicious cocktails at half price, and chill out in their Manhattan-inspired décor.

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