Kalei is a local coffee shop and micro-roastery in Beirut.

Highest quality specialty coffee from the world's top producing regions. From farm to your rich cup, they make sure every step is nothing short of perfect.

As coffee enthusiasts, they travel the world to see what flavors countries have to offer. Unable to find these different aromas in their home country, they find themselves filling their bags with memories that they experienced in unique locations. Their aim is simple, people need the potential of specialty coffee. Also, they know that in order to get the perfect cup, they had to cover the whole supply chain, from bean to cup. Hence, Kalei Coffee Co. was born.

Kalei aims to transport you to different parts of the world by exposing you to coffee that is unique, handpicked by their own staff, but most importantly directly traded from cooperatives and farmers in the best coffee growing regions.

Kalei is also a micro-roaster; they buy direct trade green coffee, fly them home, and roast in small batches to ensure their coffee is always the freshest. At the end, farmers earn a bigger chunk of the market price, they get better quality coffee, and they deliver tastier coffee done the right way.

  • Operating Hours:
    Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Kalei Coffee Co.

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    Street 54, Impasse 18, Facing Old Laziza Beer Factory, Mar Mikhael Tel.: +9611563455
    Mob.: +9613780342


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