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We’ve all heard about the apple crisis Lebanon is currently facing, so we thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to give you recipes to help use up the surplus of apples, raise awareness, and get something delicious out of them – not that they’re already scrumptious on their own!

Here are a few of our favourite apple recipes (and an interesting kitchen hack!) to make this fall season:

1. Apple Pie, obviously

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I’m a huge fan of anything that crumbles, so what better than putting an apple crumble into a flaky buttery pie crust! You can check out my recipe here.

2. Apple Cake

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A scrumptious moist apple cake for breakfast, maybe? I would buy enough apples to make two of these! Check out the full recipe here.

3. Baked Apple Chips

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To be honest, I thought Michel Daher, founder of Master Chips and Poppins, would introduce this one to his product line (instead of apple juice – which is still awesome). It’s still not too late! In the meantime, you can make these foolproof crunchy Baked Apple Chips at home.

4. Quinoatmeal with Apple and Toasted Walnuts

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Since quinoa is all the rage these past few years with loads of restaurants introducing the healthy high protein grain to their dishes, we might as well add it to the list here too! This delicious recipe can be found here.

5. Rustic Apple Tart

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If apple pie isn’t your thing, then why not opt for this rustic apple tart ? It looks utterly beautiful and tastes even better!

6. Apple Maple French Toast

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Who doesn’t love French Toast for breakfast? Change it up by adding some apples to the mix! Check out the Martha Stewart’s recipe here.

7. Apple Pie minus the Pie

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Stew apples in a skillet with some brown sugar and coconut oil, and VOILA! You have a healthy and delicious apple pie filling for breakfast and/or dessert! You’re welcome.

8. Baked Apple Streusel Pancake Bars

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These make-ahead apple bars can simply be warmed up in the microwave for a breakfast on the go (or when you’re just feeling too lazy to cook in the morning).

9. Apple Popcorn Balls

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You’ve probably heard of caramel apples, which are mainly seen on Halloween – that rhymed! Anyway, these apple popcorn balls are kind of similar, but a little higher on the same scale of yumminess, because #popcorn!

10. Applesauce

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Applesauce is a no-brainer when it comes to uses for apples; it’s ever so versatile in recipes AND it’s also just as yummy on its own! It’s an easy recipe too: All you have to do it cut up 6 large apples into cubes, place them in a large pot (partially covered) and simmer with 1 cup of water, and 1 tbsp of lemon juice, until soft and thickened (about 25-30 min). Take off the heat and add 1 tsp sugar. You can add some cinnamon as well, if you like!

11. Apple Brownies (Martha Stewart)

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Brownies don’t always have to be chocolate! I’m a chocolate lover myself, but this article is about apples guys – focus! Now, go check out Martha’s scrumptious APPLE (non-chocolate) brownie recipe here.

12. Apple Oatmeal Muffins

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This Apple Oatmeal Muffin recipe happens to be vegan AND you get to use that apple sauce you made in #10! Oh, you didn’t make it? Go make it, and then make these muffins.

13. Caramel Apples!

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You didn’t think I would skip Caramel Apples, did you?! Make these sweet sticky cavity-inducing treats for Halloween!

14. Apple and Avocado Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

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This recipe is a personal favourite – and not just because it’s my grandma’s recipe! Hi Teta :)

It’s a family favourite and it’s super easy to make! You’ll need 2 small to medium apples (cut up the way you like them), 2-3 julienned cucumbers, a ripe avocado (also cut up the way you like!), 2-3 bags of mixed lettuce, 1 cup of strawberries, and ½ cup of sliced mushrooms. This salad also goes really well with goat cheese! To make the vinaigrette, mix together 6 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice, ½-1 tsp of Dijon mustard, and salt & pepper to taste.

15. Apples can ripen avocadoes!

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So this last one isn’t really a recipe, but it’s a great kitchen hack! If you have an unripe avocado that you want to eat the soonest possible, all you have to do is place an apple and that unripe avocado in a brown paper bag and close the bag. Tomorrow morning, you will have a riper avocado! (You can make that apple and avocado salad now!) By the way, it also works on bananas, corn, tomatoes…

Of course, these are only 15 apple recipes out of the many more apple recipes out there! Now, go put all those apples to good yummy use! #savelebaneseapples

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