It’s time to set the tables because Christmas is coming, and it’s bringing with it a whole lot of guests! Don’t stress about preparing a massive feast at home all by yourself, let these premium caterers take care of it for you! We searched the country to present you with five of the best Lebanese catering providers for your Christmas dinner (if we provided more options, then you would never be able to make a decision!).

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1. Nicolas Audi Catering

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A little on the pricier side, first up is the renowned Nicolas Audi Catering, offering culinary excellence in a very attractive presentation that definitely delivers in terms of taste and quality. You and your guests (up to 1,100 of them!) won’t be disappointed. However, the kids might be if you allocate some of the Christmas presents’ budget to catering! That being said, it’s definitely worth the splurge. Indulge your senses at first sight and savour each and every bite, you’ve been good this year.

Address: Rabiya Co. building, Chammas Boulevard, Rabieh (Metn), Lebanon
Contact: +961-4-525709 / +961-4-444075

2. Cat and Mouth

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At Cat and Mouth, you can customize your culinary gastronomic experience from start to finish. Your menu is custom-made to satisfy your exact needs. Can my Christmas theme be centered around chocolate? A Coordinator is even appointed to you and is available at all times (I think it’s limited to a certain range of “normal” daytime hours though). Get ready to witness the perfect harmony of taste and atmosphere. All you need to do is invite your guests, prepare your tastebuds for delectable cuisine, sit back, and relax.

Address: Aleph Building, Seifeddine Al Khatib Street, Nasra, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon 16-6818
Contact: +961-1-424484 / +961-3-452777

3. Biscuit

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Biscuit was established in 1999 with the concept of offering products based on traditional recipes made from the highest quality natural ingredients without using any additives or preservatives. Good news is that they cater! Biscuit will set you up with the yummiest delectable festive Christmas sweet and savoury treats for your special event. Don’t forget to order their seasonal traditional Christmas Cake (mentioned as one of the 12 things to do in Christmas! Home has never been sweeter.

Address: Mansourieh Main Road (Metn), Lebanon
Contact: +961-4-531962 / +961-3-177929

4. The Beazbee

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This season you can count on The Beazbee for your Sunday roast, Christmas turkey, or roasted ham (or all of the above), as well as an exquisite selection of entrées, canapés, salads, savory tarts, and more! Cheese and wine buffets are also an option. Where do I sign up? You don’t sign up, silly - here’s the contact info:

Address: Gefinor Centre, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
Contact: +961-1-748755 / +961-3-539531

5. Socrate

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During my Vegan Challenge, Socrate was a life-saver thanks to their vegetarian (and mostly vegan) Lebanese mezza bar! However, Socrate is even more famous for their flawless and delicious Lebanese cuisine catering. Whether you’re hosting a lunch gathering, dinner party or celebration, Socrate offers you and your guests mouthwatering delectable dishes to remember. Oriental-style turkeys also available.

Address: Adnan Hakim Street, Monay Building, Jnah, Beirut, Lebanon
Contact: +961-1-846646

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