Christmas is all about peace, love, family, and giving… but there are some gifts that you simply should not be giving. Here are some people on the worst Christmas gifts they’ve received

1. “My cheap uncle gave me a calendar. Of that same year. It was December 26th 2015, and he gave a 2015 calendar. Because I really needed it for those remaining five days.” – F.A.

2. “My parents got me this cool PlayStation game…that they promptly took away from me the following day to give to my cousin because they forgot to get him a gift. I never got anything in return.” – A.H.

3.“I got hotel slippers. With the hotel name on them and everything.” – G.A.

4. “Got a broken watch and the person who gave it to me said it was a lesson in physics: ‘there’s no such thing as time’. I shit you not.” – M.E.

5. “I got a wooden road. It was literally just a wooden slab with a road painted on it.” – C.E.

6. “My friend got me an ugly Christmas sweater … for my dog. Yes, it wasn’t even for me.” – A.F. 

7. “A relative once bought me a pack of cheap bras when I started going through puberty…she got my cousin a bicycle.” – R.W.

8. “Socks. Yup, that’s actually something that people do.” – M.F.

9. “I once forgot my headphones at a friend’s place. He then gifted them to me for Christmas. I don’t know if he knew those were mine and his idea of a gift was returning what I lost, or he had no clue and was gifting me whatever he found at his place.” – R.O.

10. “A keychain. I was 10, I had nowhere to go, and no cars to drive.” – J.B.

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