I love burgers. Who doesn’t? Out of all the burgers I’ve sampled over the years (and believe me, there have been many), I’ve come up with a list of gourmet burgers you will all want to sink your teeth into after you’re done reading this! I know street food and homemade burgers can never be replaced, but we are talking about pure indulgent juicy gourmet burgers here!

1. Le Burger at La Table D’Alfred (Fred Bistro)

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One of my favourite gourmet burgers in Lebanon is at La Table D’Alfred in Sursock, Ashrafieh. Every time I order “Le Burger”, I leave the restaurant feeling thoroughly satisfied, to the point where I don’t even need dessert. Who am I kidding? I get the XL Chocolate Éclair every time. Anyway, Fred’s juicy Australian Black Angus beef burger with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and sun dried tomatoes comes with perfectly crunchy French fries and a delicious spiced cocktail dip. It’s a must try!

Address: 360 Building, Sursock Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-203036

2. Ferdinand Burger at Ferdinand

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The resto-pub Ferdinand has several gourmet burgers to satisfy your burger cravings, but the burger that has taken Beirut by storm is the Ferdinand Burger. A grain-fed 100% Black Angus beef patty topped melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, sweet potato chips, tarragon mayo, and a slather of blueberry jam. Now that’s certainly a mouthful – and a delicious one at that!

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Street, Hamra, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-355955 / +961-3-882470

3. The Brie Burger at Indigo on the Roof

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Just because you’re in a fine dining hotel restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t order a burger! Plus, Indigo on the Roof’s juicy succulent gourmet burger comes with melted brie cheese and bacon – one of the best combinations known to burgers! Even the presentation is awesome! Check out the exclusive personal review of Le Gray Hotel to find out more about the gourmet experience that awaits you on the 6th floor!

Address: Le Gray Hotel, Level 6, Martyrs' Square, Downtown, Beirut
Contact: +961-1- 972000

4. The Cheeseburger at Gilt

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Gilt is a deluxe restaurant offering innovative international cuisine in the heart of Beirut, and their cheeseburger is a must-try! It’s pretty simple: beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, and a special cocktail sauce, and it’s served with a side of French fries and more of that delicious creamy cocktail dip. Their ravioli (featured in our list of Lebanon’s best pasta dishes) is another must-try while you’re there!

Address: 752, Gouraud Street, Saifi, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-997676 / +961-76-997676

5. The Cheeseburger at The Beazbee

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The cheeseburger at The Beazbee is made of juicy 100% Australian Black Angus beef patty, cheese, relish, tomato, mushrooms, and a Thousand Island sauce, and it’s served with herbed baked potato wedges, kale slaw and BBQ sauce. The Kale Slaw is a pleasant and welcomed change from the boring inedible mayo-ridden coleslaw usually served at restaurants.

Address: Gefinor Center Block A, Ground Floor, Clemenceau, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-748755 / +961-3-539530

6. Chicken Caesar Burger at Brgr Co.

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This guide is about gourmet burgers, but I didn’t say it’s all about beef! At Brgr Co., you simply MUST order their Chicken Caesar Burger. Trust me on this one, the Chicken Caesar Burger at Brgr Co. really took me by surprise! It’s just grilled chicken, lettuce, and Caesar dressing. Simple ingredients, but great taste!
If you’d rather have beef, Brgr Co. has several 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz sizes of succulent grain-fed beef to choose from. You can order the basic burger with or without your choice of cheese, where the toppings (onions, tomato, lettuce) and sauce come on the side for you to build your own burger. You also have the option of ordering from the pre-assembled mouthwatering burgers on the menu if you’re feeling lazy.
Don’t forget to check out my exclusive review of Brgr Co.

Address: Beirut Souks, Patriarch Hoyek Street, Downtown, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-999836

7. The Prime Beef Burger at The Grill Room, The Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

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The USDA Prime Beef Burger at The Grill Room also made our list, because a) it’s got The Four Seasons quality, b) egg croquet and c) blueberry jam. Need I say more? I don’t need to, but I will anyway. The juicy beef patty sits on top of thick-cut fries and is topped with melted cheese and a crispy breaded egg croquet with blueberry sauce.

Address: Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, 2nd Floor, Wafic Sinno Street, Minet El Hosn, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-761600

8. The Brie n Blueberry Burger at DIVVY

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The Brie n Blueberry Burger at DIVVY is to die for. Three slightly mini burgers on one plate! I know the concept of this restaurant is “sharing”, but trust me, you’ll want these babies all to yourself! The prime 100% Black Angus beef patty, brie cheese, mayo and blueberry jam between the oh-so-soft-and-fluffy golden brioche bun makes for an absolutely scrumptious burger (all three of them!).
The blueberry-jam burger trend seems to be picking up and I have become a devout fan of the combination, so keep ‘em coming!

Address: Alexander Fleming Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-444020

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