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As if Christmas dinner wasn’t enough, there’s also cake! Oh right it’s not a “cake”, forgive me, it’s a traditional “Buche de Noel” which is only available during the holidays. Now that gives you an excuse to go buy one – or five. Yes, of course they’re gifts!

We’re on Wikipedia, guys: “A Yule log (or Buche de Noel) is a traditional dessert served near Christmas, especially in Belgium, France, Lebanon, Quebec, and several former French colonies”. Mabrouk!
In no particular order, check out these 3 Buche de Noel to binge on this Christmas:

Note: we could only find three we really, really liked. Please feel free to add your favorites in the comments section.

1. Noura

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Noura’s sweet roulade is a great classic choice for Christmas dinner. Their Buche de Noel is traditionally (and very beautifully) decorated and then dusted with powdered sugar to resemble snow on a Yule log.

Address: Sassine Square, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-200883

2. Biscuit

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Biscuit's Buche de Noel is a family favourite and one of the best I’ve ever tried in Lebanon! Using only the finest quality ingredients, each cake is lavishly dressed in chocolate cream (or frosting if you ask!) and then elegantly designed with edible decorations and treats. You can also pre-order your buche and customize it however you please (it also comes in white chocolate!). Get ready for chocolate decadence.

Address: Mansourieh Main Road (Metn), Lebanon
Contact: +961-4-531962 / +961-3-177929

3. Angelina

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For an interesting non-conventional Buche de Noel, go for Angelina’s new Mont Blanc Buche named after their signature Mont Blanc patisserie. If you aren’t into chocolate (are you a monster?), then you can opt for this cake. It has chestnut cream, whipped cream and meringue, which aren’t so typical when it comes to a traditional chocolate frosted Buche de Noel!

Address: Quartier Foch, Saad Zaghloul Street, Downtown, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-990992

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