“We made a pact that we would not use anything new in the making of anything new.” - Avedis 

The Vintage Shop 961 is owned by brothers Avedis and Krikor der Boghossian. Avedis insists that whenever The Vintage Shop 961 is mentioned, so should AK Killer - their dog who was rescued and given a new home just like everything else in the shop. From the very moment you step into their shop, it is clear that you can do whatever you want; it’s a creative space.

The brothers are incredibly passionate about their craft of acquiring old, often pre-owned items, and recreating them into something new. They carry a fascination with repurposing fans, old army equipment from WWII, lighting, vinyl players, gas pumps, vinyls, and much more, into mainly different forms of furniture and lighting. The unique pieces are on sale and range from $20 - $300 in price, and are all breathtaking.

The Vintage Shop is filled with creations, with every aspect of each item having been decided on and crafted by the brothers; replaced electrical parts, the addition of lighting capabilities, and so much more. Their craftsmanship so smoothly connects with their creative vision and the values they want their work to represent. Next door to their shop, they have a room filled with old things waiting to be new again; pending pieces and pre-owned items, which the brothers will soon repurpose. 

The shop has been owned by the der Boghossian family for years, starting out as a tailor shop that belonged to their father, and has since served as a “man cave” to the brothers and as a home for their hobby of making old things new again. The brothers remain incredibly close to their vision and creations as Avedis casually insists that they would “not use anything new in the making of anything new.” He also mentioned that he has such a connection with his work that he would like to personally meet the buyers of his work and know what they like about it, and how they react to it.

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The Vintage Shop is located in Bourj Hammoud, facing the Armenian Elder's Home. They are open 7 days a week. For more information, call 03 827 715.

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